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African Politics Guide

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Jacob Zuma



Jacob Zuma has since 2009 been the president of South Africa. He's, in addition, the African National Congress' president. He is a politician that is controversial, involving himself in several legal scandals related to racketeering and corruption. Zuma, a polygamist, has 20 kids. He's for a very long time been in the limelight for personal and political reasons. Zuma was reelected in the 2014 election. Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about the South African president.


1. His name is Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. The one that laughs while grinding his enemies is the real meaning of his middle name Gedleyihlekisa. His family's name is Msholozi. He was born on 12th April 1942 in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal province.


2. Jacob Zuma had no proper schooling when as a youngster. His old man, a police officer, passed on by the end of World-War II when jacob zuma was five years of age. After his dad's departure, his mom took up a job as a domestic worker. As he needed to support his mom therefore, he'd no form of education. He taught himself to write and read Zulu in the bush. Be that as it might, it failed to prevent him from learning other languages. Other than Zulu, he speaks fluent French, Russia, Portuguese, Xhosa and Swahili.


3. Jacob Zuma has Soviet Union training. He started when he joined the African National Congress, participating in politics. He became a part of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the militant arm of ANC, in 1962. It was after the party had been prohibited by the South African Government. He joined the South African Communist Party (SACP) in 1963. It was while he was an associate of the Communist party which he received military training in the Soviet Union. He afterward joined the African National Congress' Department of Intelligence where he was the Head of Intelligence.


4. He was imprisoned on Robben Island for a decade. Along with 45 recruits of the ANC, Zuma was detained in 1963. They were convicted of conspiring to overthrow the apartheid government and were therefore sentenced to serve time on Robben Island along with Nelson Mandela as well as other ANC leaders that were prominent. While on Robben Island, he served as a referee for the prisoners' association football matches that were organized by the prisoners' governing body, Makana F.A.


5. In the year 1987, Jacob Zuma was made to leave Mozambique. The Mozambican authorities, through pressure from the South African government, ordered Jacob Zuma to leave. Then he left on Mozambique for Lusaka, Zambia. The ANC headquarters were subsequently moved to Zimbabwe and he was named as Underground Structures Head. Know more news about Jacob Zuma at this source!