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Things To Know About South African President Jacob Zuma



Jacob Zuma is the present day president of South Africa who has been in power since 2009. He is also presiding the African Nation Congress. South African president Zuma has been a very controversial public official because of certain legal issues that are tagged as corruption and more. This South African president Zuma is known as a polygamist, as this is accepted in their culture and he has 20 children. Back in 2014, South African president Zuma was reinstated as leader of this African nation. This South African president goes by the full name of Jacob GedleyihlekisaZuma.


He was born in 1942, on the 12th of April. This man had no formal education when he was a child and his father died when the second world war ended. After the death of his dad, his mom became a domestic worker to support him. Zuma then had to support his mother and he self studied Zulu, and reading and writing this language. This did not stop him from moving forward and learning more, and he also knows how to speak French, Russian, Portuguese Swahili and Xhosa for the most part.


South African president Zuma received training from the Soviet Union, according to resources written about him. This man began to be introduced in politics when he was 17 when he took part in the National Congress of Africa. Then, he also became part of the militant arm of the ANC back in the 1960s. This was after the South African Government placed bans on the party. Then early in the 1960s, he also joined the community party in South Africa and received training and then he also took part in the intelligence department of the national congress in Africa, where he became the head of the intelligence unit. For ten years in his life, he was a prison on Robben Island. Know more about President Jacob Zuma at


In the same year that he joined the community party, Zuma was arrested along with 45 other recruits and they were convicted of conspiring to oust the apartheid government and then was sentenced to imprisonment in the island with Nelson Mandela and other leaders of the group. While on the island, this South African president enjoyed the football games with the other prisoners and stood as the referee for these games. Among the major projects of Jacob Zuma is to improve the health care services in his country. More jacobzuma news here!